Flavor, Fragrance and Beyond

Choose your blend for entourage effect

eSense’s first goal as a terpene specialized company is to bring not only a flavor and fragrance solution but also to be able to support our formulations with experimental data to deliver well-being related advantages. Our principal is to go beyond flavoring and dive deep into the essence of the profile. We wish to deliver consistency and reproducibility in flavor and fragrance along with wellbeing applicability for your Cannabis product.

Inflammation and oxidative stress

Inflammation is the combat tool of our body to fight outside intruders who seek to harm (Could be bacteria, virus, foreign matter and more…). Once the intruder was eliminated by inflammatory mediators our body usually shuts down the inflammation and bring it to normal status. However, there are cases were our body cannot control the occurred inflammation which then becomes a chronic one. Such conditions involve insufferable pain and need an external factor to shut down and control the constant occurrence of inflammation.

In addition, our body is constantly exposed to pollutants that exist in the air we are surrounded by.This in turns, leads to the accumulation of oxidative stress in our body and internal organs. Oxidative stress is one of the leading causes of inflammation and tissue destruction.

eSense’s biological experts have developed experimental systems which accurately modelize chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. We used this model to test our reversed engineered terpene profiles and evaluate their anti-inflammatory/antioxidant potency for an entourage effect in combination with cannabinoids.

Both OG-Kush and Lavender Kush demonstrate the most efficient anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity followed by Sour Diesel and Jack Herer which are slightly moderated.

Accordingly, our terpene blends of these strains can be used for entourage complement in cannabinoid based products and may efficiently assist with inflammation and pain.

Summary for anti-oxidant and Anti-inflammatory evaluation

Each of the tested blends demonstrated a different anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant pattern. While some blends where highly effective others demonstrated week activity.This, stands in complete correlation to the entourage notion suggested in literature indicating that pharmacological distinction of Cannabis can be derived from its terpenoid profile and content.

(Ruso EB, British Journal of Pharmacology (2011) 163 1344–1364).