eSense is a leading R&D company in the field of terpene technology with its focus on Cannabis derived flavor and fragrance.

eSense has developed 100% natural, reverse engineered strain-specific set of cannabis terpene profiles with a precise botanical composition that brings an accurate flavor and aroma characteristic of the natural strain.

In addition, we bring vast know-how and broad expertise in the art of terpene blend supporting the development of custom-made blending with deep attention to customer needs and industry demand. We combine aroma and flavor creativity along with terpene functionality in respective to Cannabis strains or client requests.

We use non cannabis botanical isolated terpenes to compose our profiles. Each botanical isolate enters in to a strict quality control process to confirm its Identity and level of purity before formulated in to our final products. We bring 100% accuracy and reproducibility into our profile formulations along with stringent tests for the most demanding safety standards available.

Our team comprises experts in the field of chemistry and formulation to support the development of any desired terpene-infused Cannabis products for multiple market segments, including natural medicine, e-juice, e-liquids, cosmetics, supplements, edibles, and beverages.